The day a mom is born

So this is me.

And this is also me.

I mean, to me, these two of the same people are not only so different in how they look (makeup to lack of makeup, rested eyes to baggy no sleep eyes, a face with a pose and a face with just a regular smile, oh and of course me alone to me with a baby on my hip). I also see a change that I am sure most mothers see within themselves. The innocence of not knowing the endless tiredness, the obsession with poop colours, the constant mom guilt, and I mean it is 2021 after all.. so let’s throw in the adventures of being a new mom in a pandemic (yuck). However, I look at the old me and I think wow, you don’t even know how much love is about to smack you right in the face (and I mean some times literally because either hand-eye coordination is wonky or because he’s mad that I took a toy).

I was born on April 26, 2020. The mom me I mean. At 6:40pm after an hour of exhausting pushing, and an hour before that of being told “you need to hold him in because the doctor’s in a caesarean!” (that was really fun). Giving birth was, well as we all know, torturous. And yes I tore. And yes I was petty and didn’t get an epidural. However, that moment, mom’s you know it, when they put that baby on you. WOWZA! Never again does any other love you felt before beat that. It’s like pure euphoria. Like we get to touch a bit of heaven for a few moments. Then, if you gave birth in a hospital, you will know the rushing that occurs right after that baby comes out. The room went from four people to what I felt like ten people in a matter of milliseconds. But that moment of pure exhilarating love, I will never forget.

Now, at a fun and non-stop age of 14 months, my son is a busy bee that is constantly keeping me on my toes. What have I learned in this short time? Nothing is what I expected it to be. All my plans, they flew right out that window without the handle (because he broke it off). At first I would beat myself up about these so called plans failing or not existing at all. And now I have come to the point where I realized, it’s not just me and it’s not because I am failing. It’s because this is how parenting works. We parent, but they run the show. They don’t like something, they won’t eat it. They are in a bad mood, tough cookies for you. They don’t want to sleep, well then start that coffee pot in the morning.

So no, I don’t have a bunch of children. Yes, my child is under the age of two. No, I am not an expert on parenting.

I am just a mom that is happy to share my good moments AND share my bad ones too. I am officially creating a safe space for us moms to be RAW. No hiding behind the fear of judgement or the idea that “this must only be me.” Because girl, it’s all of us! Join me on this journey. You will get posts of me ranting, or a new recipe I tried, a new method that worked, a new method that worked then failed the next day, talks with other moms and parenting gurus and so much more.

Welcome 🙂 – Sophia from the Raw Mom Club

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